Government Can Drive Innovation!

At BARDA We Seek Innovation in Science…. and in the way we do business! BARDA has a long history of driving innovative programs, to accelerate innovative ideas and deliver promising countermeasures to protect Americans.

BARDA Programs

Innovation @ the Project and Program Level

At BARDA, we focus not only on great science but also on driving a culture of Innovation, which starts with each project we invest in, with each novel program we launch and in the way we do business with all of our industry partners. Not only does BARDA invest in innovative projects, including promising technologies or platforms across our portfolio; we also launch novel innovation programs and are designed to accelerate and foster smaller innovative projects. Our goal at BARDA is to build innovation into every project and program we invest in.

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Innovative Projects

Innovative projects often promote technologies that have shown promise for filling a particular countermeasure need, but have not been widely adopted in research, development, and manufacturing practice and thus will benefit from further BARDA support and evaluation. These projects often have a broad array of potential uses as countermeasures and technologies rather than responding to a single threat. Check out Innovation Spotlight that highlights just a few of the promising innovative products and technologies in which we are investing.

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Innovative Programs

While individual innovation awards can make a difference in driving promising products and technologies, in certain situations, we recognize that there are more complex barriers and a coordinated investment is necessary. In these situations, BARDA designs, builds, implements, and sustains novel innovation programs to address complex multi-factor challenges. BARDA accomplishes this by establishing hyper-focused programs designed to address the innovation gap and build any infrastructure needed to facilitate innovation. Learn more about BARDA’s (5) five Innovation Programs, led by our program divisions across BARDA.


HHS’s first venture capital partnership to develop transformative technologies to combat future pandemics, other health emergencies. This new novel partnership is leveraging venture capital practices to transform health security.

A Culture of Innovation

At BARDA, we seek innovation in science and in the way we do business

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BARDA Ventures

BARDA Ventures expands the range of investment tools that BARDA has available to advance novel medical countermeasure development. BARDA DRIVe Director Sandeep Patel tells how BARDA Ventures will help critical public health emergency preparedness and response technologies find a path to commercialization and invite matching investments from the private investment community.



DRIVing Innovation

Revolutionize the way we prevent, detect, and respond to major 21st century health security threats. DRIVe brings together the best ideas from the medical and scientific communities, together with government and venture capital investment, to drive innovation that will strengthen our nation’s health security through a few key impact areas:

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