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Lightning Talks Selectees

BARDA is pleased to announce the presenters for 2020 BARDA Industry Day Lightning Talks. We are in our third year of hosting Lighting Talks, as a means to incorporate our stakeholders into the Industry Day program and help companies network among our audience of top industry experts, government partners and BARDA team.

We were thrilled by the response to this year’s open call for submissions. Over 336 submissions were received, making the choices to narrow down our top presenters very challenging! After a careful review of the submissions, twenty were chosen to highlight their innovations. It was not an easy decision as many of the submissions were outstanding.

On October 27th, there will be two concurrent pre-recorded afternoon Lightning Talk Sessions. One focused on diagnostics and medical devices, and the other focused on vaccines and therapeutics.

Please find below the list of selected presenters for this year’s Lightning Talk sessions.

Diagnostics and Medical Device Session:

  • Adaptive Biotechnologies
  • Instanosis Inc.
  • MeMed
  • The University of Kansas
  • PhenoMx
  • Promethean LifeSciences
  • PharmaJet
  • Vir Biotechnology, Inc
  • Autonomous Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Abimmune Biopharma Inc

Vaccine and Therapeutics Session:

  • Biomed Industries, Inc.
  • Advanced Innovative Partners/Bio-Nucleonics
  • HDT Bio Corp.
  • KAER Biotherapeutics Corporation
  • Zim Biosciences Inc.
  • VitriVax
  • FluGen Inc.
  • Virica Biotech Inc.
  • Codex DNA
  • Persephone Biosciences
Company Title
Adaptive Biotechnologies Understanding Immunity to SARS-CoV-2: The T Cell Side of the Equation
Instanosis Inc. Ultransensitive SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Detection Using Microbubbling
MeMed MeMed BV™/Key™: Responding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow. A Host-Protein Test for Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance Plus Biomarkers to Aid in Outbreak Management
The University of Kansas Development of a Handheld Radiation Bio-Dosimeter for Point-of-Care Use
PhenoMx Multi-Parametric Quantitative Whole-Body Assessment of COVID-19 Infected Individuals for Risk of Chronic Long-Term Conditions
Promethean LifeSciences GammaGraft for Burn and Wound Medical Countermeasures Stockpiling
PharmaJet Needle-free Delivery of Pandemic Vaccines
Vir Biotechnology, Inc Immunological Tools for Pandemic Preparedness
Autonomous Therapeutics, Inc. Non-Vaccine, Pan-Genus Prophylactics to Prevent COVID-19 and any Future Beta-Coronavirus Pandemic
Abimmune Biopharma Inc. Respiviridin: A Universal Prophylactic & Therapeutic Candidate against Covid-19 and other Respiratory Viruses
Biomed Industries, Inc. What does Covid-19 Virus do to the Brain?
Advanced Innovative Partners/Bio-Nucleonics Treatment of COVID-19 Virus
HDT Bio Corp. Development of RNA-based PAMP Plus LION as a Novel Antiviral Therapy to Limit COVID-19
KAER Biotherapeutics Corporation Therapeutic Surfactant and Biologics Aerosols for the Treatment of Hypoxemia and Respiratory Distress
Zim Biosciences Inc. A Technology for the Amelioration of Thermal and/or Chemical Insults to Lung Tissue
VitriVax Thermostable, Single-Shot Vaccine Formulation Platform
FluGen Inc. M2SR Seroconversion Against H3N2 Proximate & Distant Drift
Virica Biotech Inc. Viral Sensitizers: Accelerating Vaccine Production and Pandemic Response.
Codex DNA Establishing a Global Network of Vaccine Printers
Persephone Biosciences Arming the Immune System Using Gut Microbiome Therapeutics to Prevent and Fight SARS-CoV-2

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