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Lightning Talks Selectees

BARDA is pleased to announce the presenters for our 2021 BARDA Industry Day Lightning Talks. These are fast-paced sessions in which some of our outstanding stakeholders present their "elevator" pitches. We are in our fourth year of hosting Lighting Talks as a means to incorporate our stakeholders into the Industry Day program and help companies network among our audience of top industry experts, government partners and BARDA team.

We were thrilled by the response to this year’s open call for submissions. Over 230 submissions were received, making the choices to narrow down our top presenters very challenging! After a careful review of the submissions, twenty were chosen to highlight their innovations. It was not an easy decision as many of the submissions were outstanding.

This year we will be hosting two separate Lightning Talk showcases. The first of which will be held on November 3rd during the afternoon plenary sessions, and the second Lightning Talks showcase will be held on November 4th during the afternoon plenary sessions. As always the Lightning Talk Sessions will focus on innovative diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics, medical devices, and other technologies to help us address public health emergencies.

Please find below the list of selected presenters for this year’s Lightning Talk sessions.

November 3, 2021 BARDA Industry Day 2021 Lightning Talk Presentations
Company Presentation Title
OneBreath, Inc. OneBreath: High-performance Mechanical Ventilation for Low Resource Settings
Reactive Robotics (Climb2Glory LLC ) Small Robotics to Accelerate ICU Readiness
SNIPR Biome Re-inventing Precision Antimicrobial Agents using CRISPR technology – Preparing for a Future Pandemic – Collaboration with CARB-X
Dyadic International, Inc. A Rapid, Robust, Versitile, More Efficient And Affordable Vaccine & Drug Manufacturing Process
Proactive Diagnostics A Highly-multiplexed Point of Need Detection Platform for Rapid Identification of Respiratory Viruses to Effectively Manage and Contain Future Pandemics
MeMed Leveraging the Host Response to Innovate Actionable Tests that Improve Patient Care
Atom Bioworks Rapid Dx Enabled by DNA Star - A Structural DNA AI Design Platform
FarUV Technologies 222nm Krypton Lighting for Infectious Disease Mitigation
PharmaJet, Inc Progress of COVID-19 vaccines with Needle-free Delivery
November 4, 2021 BARDA Industry Day 2021 Lightning Talk Presentations
Company Presentation Title
Tiny Cargo Company Novel Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Gastrointestinal Acute Radiation Syndrome
AntiRNA Inc. Carbocyclic Nucleosides as Broad-Spectrum Antiviral for COVID-19
OBCTCD24 Ltd Exosomes displaying CD24 (EXO-CD24) in COVID-19: A Breakthrough Platform for Amelioration of Immune Hyper-activation
Lyndra Therapeutics Lyndra Oral Dosage Form for Enhancement of Medical Countermeasure Capabilities
BlueWillow Biologics Novel Adjuvanted Intranasal Recombinant Anthrax Vaccine (BW-1010)
NuGenMD Changing the Landscape of Drug Delivery Beyond Needles: Liquid and Powder Medical Jet Devices
Quicksilver Biosciences, Inc. Quicksilver Biosciences - Single Molecule Bioelectronic Sensors for Viral Detection
Scanwell Health, Inc. The Clinical Lab on Everyone’s Phone
Ginkgo Bioworks Strengthening Partnerships and Advancing Innovation through Synthetic Biology

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