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Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Spending Reports to Congress

The Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Spending Reports to Congress covers the pandemic influenza funding provided in both the December 2005 emergency supplemental appropriations bill (PL 109-148) and the June 2006 emergency supplemental appropriations bill (PL 109-234).

This funding supports the HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan. HHS has used these funds to advance the Nation's pandemic preparedness by:

  • Expanding and diversifying domestic vaccine production and surge capacity;
  • Enlarging H5N1 pre-pandemic vaccine and antiviral drug stockpiles;
  • Supporting advanced development of cell culture and antigen sparing influenza vaccines and new antiviral drugs;
  • Supporting advanced Development of point-of-care clinical diagnostics;
  • Stockpiling medical supplies and ventilators;
  • Improving State and local preparedness;
  • Expanding risk communication efforts;
  • Enhancing FDA's regulatory science base; and
  • Expanding surveillance, research, and international collaboration efforts of CDC, NIH, and the HHS Office of Global Health Affairs.


Spending Reports:


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