5th Annual PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop and BARDA Industry Day

Who Attends the HHS PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop & BARDA Industry Day?

Participant Information from the 2009 Workshop

More than 650 participants attended the HHS PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop 2009 and BARDA Industry Day, while many more than 1000 viewed the Webcast. The events were held in conjunction with the American Medical Association's Third National Congress on Health System Readiness. Over 1,000 stakeholders attended the joint AMA/PHEMCE sessions.

The 2009 events included plenary talks from the federal government, AMA, and state/local speakers, as well as 7 breakout sessions on various topics related to the PHEMCE mission. This joint venture with AMA afforded a rare opportunity to delve into issues at the interface of public health and emergency medicine. BARDA Industry Day was also the largest ever, with 35 posters and 20 exhibitors joining over 40 simultaneous session talks in highlighting cutting edge medical countermeasure research.

The chart located to the right shows the distribution among categories of registered attendees.

Who attends

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