BARDA Who We Are facilitates communication between federal government agencies and public stakeholders to enhance the Nation's public health emergency preparedness.


Providing external stakeholders with a single point of entry to the U.S. government to discuss products that treat or prevent harm from a threat. Stakeholders with medicalcountermeasures will be routed to the most appropriate department within the federal government for consideration.



Facilitating communication and improves transparency related to public health emergency medical countermeasures by engaging stakeholders in industry and the research and development community.


Facilitating the flow of information between the government and stakeholders in the research and development community by providing up-to-date information on government initiatives and events.


Technical Expertise

from a robust team of scientific, contracting and development experts focused on providing technical support to companies of all sizes.

Interagency Relationships

to accelerated development and address development and regulatory challenges

Non-Dilutive Capital

provided through milestone based decisions gates

Track Record

of Success


BARDA’s mission is accomplished through successful public-private partnerships with industry to share risk, improve efficiency, and accelerate development all while sustaining a marketplace that guarantees continued access to the vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and other medical products that are vital to our national health security.


Over 500 public-private partnerships established


countermeasures in response to H1N1, Ebola, and Zika


for 61 products receiving FDA approval, clearance, or licensure

“At BARDA, we are committed to meeting the needs of Americans and to engaging private partners in continually improving our nation’s security.”

– Gary Disbrow, Ph.D., BARDA Director

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