BARDA Industry Day 2015 Banner

Day 1 - Establishing a First Line of Biodefense
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Session 1 - Welcome and Opening Remarks

icon Robin Robinson, Ph.D.: BARDA Today & Tomorrow: Goals, Priorities, Successes & Challenges (PDF 2.5MB)

Session 2 - Broad Agency Announcement Rollout

icon Gary Disbrow, Ph.D.: Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear BAA (PDF 728MB)
icon Rick Bright, Ph.D.: Pandemic Influenza Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) (PDF 188KB)
icon Rodney Wallace B.S.: Influenza Diagnostics Programs (PDF 204KB)
icon Jonathan Seals, Ph. D.: Innovations Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) (PDF 377KB)
icon Sherica Teshome, Wendell Conyers, and George J. Keane, Jr., MBA: Acquisitions Management, Contracts, and Grants (PDF 2MB)

Session 3 - Improving Performance and Supply of Influenza Countermeasures

icon Armen Donabedian, Ph.D.: The Quest for More Effective Influenza Vaccines (PDF 2.17MB)

Vittoria Cioce, Ph.D.: Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Stockpile (PDF 697MB)


Melissa Willis, Ph.D.: Influenza Therapeutics (PDF 416KB)

icon Rodney Wallace B.S.: Respiratory Protective Devices and Ventilators (PDF 163KB)

Session 4 - Preparing for Man-made Terror Threats

icon Eric Espeland, Ph.D.: Vaccines [Anthrax, Smallpox, Ebola] (PDF 246KB)
icon Melissa Stundick, Ph.D.: Anti-Infective Therapeutics (Anthrax, Smallpox, Ebola, Botulinum, and Other Biothreats) (PDF 903KB)
icon Mary Homer, Ph.D.: Radiological and Nuclear Countermeasures Program (PDF 320KB)
icon John Esker, Ph.D.: Development of Models of Acute Radiation Syndrome in Gottingen Minipigs (PDF 625KB)
icon Judith Wolfe Laney, Ph.D.: Chemical Medical Countermeasures (PDF 735KB)
icon Donna Boston, M.S., PMP.: Biothreat Diagnostics (PDF 763KB)
icon Lynne Wathen, Ph.D.: Biodosimetry (PDF 303MB)


Day 2 - BARDA 2015: Adapting Programs to Meet Evolving Threat Scenarios
Thursday October 15, 2015

Session 6 - The Challenge of Naturally Emerging Infectious Diseases

icon Gary L. Disbrow, Ph.D.: Ebola Update (PDF 3.63MB)
icon Rick Bright, Ph.D.: MERS-CoV (PDF 2.26MB)
icon Richard Hatchett, M.D.: Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness (PDF 980KB)

Session 7 - Building a National Medical Countermeasure Response Infrastructure

icon Robin Robinson, Ph.D.: National MCM Response Infrastructure (PDF 100KB)
icon Adeyinka Reeves, M.S., PMP: Nonclinical Studies Network (PDF 211KB)

Christopher Houchens, PhD: Utilization of the BARDA Nonclinical Studies Network to Facilitate Efficacy Evaluation of Smallpox Countermeasures (PDF 807KB)

icon Robert Walker, Ph.D.: Clinical Studies Network (PDF 906KB)
icon Arlene Joyner: Fill Finish Manufacturing Network (PDF 722KB)

Session 8 - Building a National Medical Countermeasure Response Infrastructure cont’d

icon Timothy Lant, Ph.D.: Analytical Decision Support (PDF 1.61MB)
icon James Little, M.S., RAC: Regulatory and Quality Affairs Support (PDF 248KB)
icon Janet Woodcock, M.D.: Continuous Manufacturing Initiative (PDF 179KB)
icon Joseph Larsen, Ph.D.: Combating Antimicrobial Resistance (CARB) Initiative (PDF 953KB)