BARDA Industry Day 2012: Contracting for Countermeasures


BARDA Industry Day 2012

Day 1 - Monday, December 10, 2012

icon Nicole Lurie, MD: Keynote Address - MCM State of Affairs
icon Carol D. Linden, Ph.D.: 2012 HHS PHEMCE Strategy and Implementation Plan
icon Michael Kurilla, M.D., Ph.D.: MCM Development and Manufacturing NIH Perspectives
icon Gerald R. Kovacs, Ph.D.: BARDA CBRN Medical Countermeasures Portfolio
icon Anthony Macaluso, Ph.D.: Chemical Biological Medical Systems
icon Luciana Borio, M.D.: Pathways for Medical Countermeasure Development and Use
icon Daniel Sosin, MD, MPH, FACP: 2012 PHEMCE Strategy Goal 3
icon Richard L Gorman, MD: PHEMCE Partner Efforts in Support of Goal 4 of the 2012 PHEMCE Strategy
icon Louise Pitt, Ph.D.: Animal Models and Efficacy Studies
icon Judith A. Hewitt, Ph.D.: Animal Model Resources for MCM Development
icon Thomas M. Dreier, Ph.D.: BARDA Nonclinical Development Network
icon Dr. Robert Johnson: Clinical Resources for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Research Community
icon Jo Ellen Schweinle, MD: BARDA Division of Clinical Studies
icon Dr. Alan Liss: FDA's Medical Countermeasures Initiative (MCMi)
icon Debra A. Yeskey Pharm.D.: Regulatory and Quality Affairs
icon Mike Angelastro: Core Service Support for MCM Advanced Development and Manufacturing
icon Rosemarie Aurigemma, Ph.D.: Development of Antimicrobials and Broad-Spectrum Activity: Antibiotics
icon Joe Larsen, Ph.D.: Broad Spectrum Antimicrobials (BSA)
icon Michael Wathen: Improving Pipeline for the Development of Influenza Antivirals
icon Judith Wolfe Laney, Ph.D.: Chemical MCM Development at BARDA
icon Ronald G. Manning, Ph.D.: Repurposing of approved products for use against public health threats
icon Michael Shaw, M.D.: Influenza Diagnostics Update
icon Rodney Wallace: CBRN Diagnostics Overview
icon Melanie Choe, Ph.D.: Respiratory Devices for Medical Countermeasures
icon Lewis Radonovich, M.D.: An Ideal Environment for Health Care Field Testing
icon Jonathan Yewdell, M.D., Ph.D.: Influenza Adrift - Rethinking Influenza Vaccination
icon Alan Goldberg: Host Directed Therapeutics and Immunomodulators
icon Traci Mondoro: Cellular Therapies for Use in Public Health Emergencies
icon Anton Simeonov: The NCATS Pharmaceutical Collection-Potential Use for Rapid Repurposing Against New/Emerging Threats

Day 2 - Tuesday, December 11, 2012

icon Welcome: Day 2 - BARDA Industry Day - Washington, DC Contracting for Countermeasures, Introduction
icon You Are Here Map (Part 1)
icon Walkthrough: Requirements Document Example
icon Cameron Hernandez: Market Research and Getting Started
magnifying glass Walkthrough: Market Research Examples
icon Dr. Adam Clark: TechWatch
icon Susan Cortes - Shrank: Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), Request for Proposals (RFP)and Their Differences
icon Walkthrough: Solicitation Outline Examples
icon Walkthrough: Recap 1
icon You Are Here Map (Part 2)
icon Malda Brown: Small Business 101
icon Tasha McMillian: White Paper Review Process & Invite / Do-Not-Invite Letters
icon Eric Steinberg: Walkthrough: Invite / Do-Not-Invite Letter Examples
icon Eric Steinberg: Contract Types
icon Contract Type Matrix
icon Walkthrough: Contract Table of Contents Example
icon Jolinda Summers: Business Tool Kit
icon Jason Vettickal: Earned Value Management
icon Brooke Bernold: Mock T.E.P.
icon Walkthrough: Recap 2
icon You Are Here Map (Part 3)
icon Matthew Rose: Introduction to Negotiations
icon Walkthrough: Recap 3
icon Francine Hemphill: Debriefing
icon Walkthrough: Recap 4
icon You Are Here Map (Part 4)
icon Susan Cortes-Shrank: Contracting Officer's Authorization (COA)
icon Walkthrough: COA Example
icon Forest Crumpler: Show Me the Money™: Invoices in Brief
icon Invoicing Pitfalls
icon Walkthrough: Invoice Example
icon Brendan Miller: Contract Modifications
icon Jolinda Summers: In Process Reviews (IPR)
icon Jolinda Summers: Mock IPR
icon Barbara Orlando: Division Of Grants
icon Andre Early: Commercial Items
icon Walkthrough: Recap 5
icon ASPR Acronym
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