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Day 1 - Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome & Opening Remarks

icon Robin Robinson, Ph.D.: Keynote Address - BARDA Medical Countermeasures: Past, Present, and Future (PDF 2.4MB)

Session 1 - BARDA/CBRN: MCM Stockpiling

icon Eric Espeland, Ph.D.: Antrhax Vaccines (PDF 310KB)
icon Gary Disbrow, Ph.D.: Smallpox Vaccines and Antivirals (PDF 606KB)
icon Melissa Willis, Ph.D.: Antitoxins Botulism (PDF 445KB)
icon Chia-Wei Tsai, Ph.D.: Antitoxins Anthrax (PDF 189KB)
icon John Esker, Ph.D.: Rad/Nuc (PDF 299KB
icon Judith Wolfe Laney, Ph.D.: Chem (Anticonvulsants) (PDF 196KB)
icon Rodney Wallace, B.S. Chief, Diagnostics & Devices: Biodosimetry (PDF 418KB)

Session 2 - BARDA Pandemic Influenza: MCM Stockpiling

icon Robert Huebner, Ph.D.: Introduction - BARDA Pandemic Influenza: MCM Stockpiling (PDF 246KB)
icon Vittoria Cioce, Ph.D.: Current Vaccine and Adjuvant Stockpiles (PDF 416KB)
icon Armen Donabedian, Ph.D.: New Approaches to Stockpiling (PDF 719KB)

Session 3 - BARDA/CBRN: FY14 Advanced R&D Priorities

icon Joseph Larsen, Ph.D.: Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobials (PDF 129KB)
icon Stephen Morris, Ph.D.: Viral Hemorrhagic Fever (PDF 642KB)
icon Judith Wolfe Laney, Ph.D.: Chem Agents (PDF 798KB)
icon Narayan Iyer, Ph.D.: Thermal Burns (PDF 402KB)
icon Brian Tse, Ph.D.: Blood Products (PDF 537KB)
icon Lynne Wathen, Ph.D.: Biological Diagnostics (PDF 382KB)

Session 4 - Pandemic Influenza: FY14 Advanced R&D Priorities

icon Rick Bright, Ph.D.: Introduction (PDF 190KB)
icon Armen Donabedian, Ph.D.: Vaccines with Broader Strain Protection (PDF 666KB)
icon Michael Wathen, Ph.D.: Antivirals with Novel Mechanisms of Action (PDF 334KB)
icon Roxanne Shively, MS, MT (SM): Diagnostics for Identification of Respiratory Pathogens (PDF 1MB)
icon Robert Huebner, Ph.D.: Improved Respiratory Devices (PDF 145KB)
icon Rick Bright, Ph.D.: Summary and Conclusions (PDF 190KB)

Session 5 - BARDA FY14 Product Support Capabilities

icon Timothy Lant, Ph.D.: Analytic Decision Support(ADS) (PDF 659KB)
icon Adeyinka Smith, M.S.: Animal Models (PDF 533KB)
icon Debra Yeskey, Pharm.D.: RQA (PDF 348KB)
icon Jo-Ellen Schweinle, MD: Clinical Trials (PDF 488KB)
icon Thomas Warf, MS: CIADM and Fill/Finish (PDF 4MB)
icon Jonathan Seals, Ph.D.: Innovations Program (PDF 581KB)

Day 2 - Wednesday November 13, 2013

Session 6 - Partnering Vehicles to Facilitate Successful Relationships

icon Alan Liss, Ph.D: Obtaining Regulatory Guidance from FDA (PDF 244KB)
icon Nathaniel Cohen, J.D.: Contracts: RFP vs. BAA (PDF 93KB)
icon Brooke Bernold, M.S., PMP: IDIQ Contracts (PDF 120KB)
icon Barbara Orlando: Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PDF 163KB)
magnifying glass Glynis M. Fisher, J.D.: Other Transactions (PDF 391KB)

Session 7 - Keys to Success in Working with Government Contracts

icon Cassandra Freeman, M.S., M.S.A.: Small Business (PDF 708KB)
icon Marc S. Ayers: Industry Perspective (PDF 42KB)
icon Susan Cortes-Shrank: Understanding the TEP (PDF 68KB)
icon Jolinda Summers: In-Process Reviews (PDF 138KB)

Session 8 - Keys to Success in Working with Government Contracts cont'd

icon Jason Vettickal: Earned Value Management (PDF 615KB)
icon Ayhan Akbel, CGAP: Audits (PDF 102KB)
icon Matthew Rose, J.D.: Invoicing (PDF 160KB)
icon Jolinda Summers: Online Resources (PDF 764KB)