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Day 1 - BARDA 2014: Support for MCM Development, Testing, and Manufacturing -Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Session 1 - Meeting the Challenge of All-Hazard Preparedness

icon Robin Robinson, Ph.D.: Meeting the Challenge of All-Hazard Preparedness (PDF 1.9MB)
icon J. Craig Venter, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, J. Craig Venter Institute: Guest Keynote Speaker (PDF 10MB)

Session 2 - BARDA Core Services Capability

icon Adeyinka Reeves M.S., PMP: Animal Model Network (PDF 1MB)
icon Robert Walker, Ph.D.: Clinical Studies Network (PDF 500KB)
icon Joseph Figlio, MBA: Centers for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (PDF 5MB)
icon Arlene Joyner: Fill Finish Manufacturing Network (PDF 750KB)

Session 3 - BARDA 2014 New Initiatives

icon Gary Disbrow, Ph.D.: New Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threat Initiatives (PDF 716KB)

Melissa Stundick Ph.D.: Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial Program and Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance (PDF 780KB)



Rodney Wallace B.S., Lynne Wathen Ph.D, Roxanne Shively M.S. MT (SM), Donna Boston, M.S., PMP, Rick Crawford

Division of Diagnostics and Medical Devices (PDF 1.3MB)

Session 4 - BARDA 2014 New Initiatives - Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Programs

icon Rick Bright, Ph.D.: Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Programs Overview (PDF 1.6MB)
icon Melissa Willis, Ph.D.: Flu Immunotherapeutics (PDF 1.3MB)
icon Robert Huebner, Ph.D.: Universal Influenza Vaccine (PDF 1.6MB)
icon Gary Disbrow, Ph.D.: BARDA Response to Ebola (PDF 720KB)

Day 2 - BARDA 2014: Adapting Programs to Meet Evolving Threat Scenarios - Thursday October 16, 2014

Session 5 - BARDA Program Priorities Updates

icon Eric Espeland, Ph.D.: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Threat Programs (PDF 190KB)
icon Stephen Morris, Ph.D.: Therapeutic Biologics Portfolio (PDF 610KB)
icon Mary Homer, Ph.D.: Radiological and Nuclear Threat MCMs Program (PDF120 KB)
icon Narayan Iyer, Ph.D.: MCMs for Burn Injuries (PDF 450KB)
magnifying glass Judith Wolfe Laney, Ph.D.: Improved Civilian Medical Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (PDF 440KB)
magnifying glass Jonathan Seals, Ph.D.: BARDA Innovations Focus (PDF 290KB)

Session 6 - BARDA Capabilities Updates 2015

icon Timothy Lant, Ph.D.: Analytical Decision Support (PDF 1.5MB)
icon Debra Yeskey, Pharm.D.: Regulatory and Quality Affairs Support (PDF 240KB)
icon Jo-Ellen Schweinle, M.D.: Clinical Trials Support (PDF 410KB)
icon Jonathan Seals, Ph.D.: Engaging with BARDA: TechWatch Program (PDF 790KB)

Session 7 - Keys to Success in Working with Government Contracts

icon Brenda Cox, BBA: Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PDF 170KB)
icon Nathaniel Cohen, JD: Solicitations: RFP vs BAA (PDF 130KB)
icon Eric Steinberg, JD: Other Transactions (PDF 460KB)
icon S. Kyle Roberts, JD: Sections of the RFP and Online Resources (PDF 650KB)
icon Dwight Deneal, BS: Small Business (PDF 1.2MB)
icon Dale Berkley, Ph.D., JD: Intellectual Property Guidelines for Government Supported R&D (PDF 1.2MB)

Session 8 - Keys to Success in Working with Government Contracts cont’d

icon Brooke Bernold, M.S., PMP: Proposal Evaluation (Business and Technical) (PDF 150KB)
icon Ayhan Akbel, CGAP, CICA: Solicitations: Government Review/Accounting Systems(PDF 240KB)
icon Charmaine Richman, Ph.D.: In-Process Reviews (PDF 1MB)
icon Cindy Wilkins, BA: The “How to” on EVMS (PDF 400KB)