BARDA Industry Day Lightning Talk Selectees


Lightning Talks 2019

BARDA is pleased to announce our selected Lightning Talk presenters for this year’s BARDA Industry Day.  Due to interest and the number of excellent applications, there will be two Lightning Talks sessions this year.

Lightning Talks sessions beginning at 9:00am on Wednesday October 16th in the Grand Hyatt Declaration room:



CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions

Next-Gen Pulmonary MCMs Enabled by Supercritical Precipitation Technology


DNV3837/DNV3681, a novel class of quinolonyl-oxazolidinone antibacterials targeting both urgent threats to public health and bioterrorism pathogens

Dynocardia, Inc

First, Standalone, Wearable Vital Signs Monitor for Controlling Emerging Infectious Diseases Outbreaks


Fluid-Screen: Real-Time Microbial Detection for Biomanufacturing

Foenestra Corporation

Solid State Nanopore-Based Sequence Detection Platform

Inflammatix, Inc.

HostDx Endotypes: sepsis immunotherapy prediction


INV-102 Shows Unique Promise to Treat Ocular Sulfur Mustard Gas Injury

KLOX Technologies Inc.

Fluorescent Light Energy-Induced Biomodulation For The Management Of Burn Injuries: Acting At A Cellular Level To Control Inflammation And Improve Healing

Myelo Therapeutics GmbH

Myelo001 as an Orally Applied Treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome

Phagelux Inc.

Field Deployable Bacteriophage Solutions for the Prevention and Treatment of Multidrug Resistant Infections


Emergency needle free auto-injector


Lightning Talks sessions beginning at 3:00pm on Wednesday October 16th in the Grand Hyatt Penn Quarter room:




Sample Handling for the Untrained User; No Mail-In Required

DermiSense Inc

Enabling the Presymptomatic Detection of Infection with Zero-Power Test Strips

Karius, Inc.

Karius Test Enabling Precision Medicine for Infectious Diseases

RenovaCare, Inc.

Stem Cell Therapies for Thermal, Chemical, & Radiation Burns

Scanogen Inc.

Point-of-care Molecular Detection of Bacterial Pathogens with Culture Level Sensitivity

Terumo BCT

Future Generation Pathogen Reduction Technology

Univercells S.A.

NevoLine Intensified, Integrated Vaccine Manufacturing Platform for MCM

University of Notre Dame

Phage-Mimicking, Broad-Spectrum, Antibacterial Nanoparticles


Micro Array Patch for Pandemic Influenza Vaccine