Message from the Acting BARDA Director: Thank you for your support in FY2020

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Dear Stakeholders and Industry Partners,

Wednesday marked the last day of federal fiscal year 2020, and what a year it has been. As the pandemic began, our stakeholders and industry partners rallied with us to move essential medical countermeasures rapidly into development to combat what is now the most severe pandemic in a century. As the Acting BARDA Director and throughout my tenure at BARDA, I have been privileged to work alongside our dedicated BARDA staff, stakeholders and industry partners to address our country’s most important and pressing health security threats. This year our staff, stakeholders and industry partners went above and beyond offering technical solutions, and entering into novel collaborations to expand our nation’s medical countermeasure portfolio and enhance U.S. health security. Together we are making a difference and saving lives.

All of our accomplishments are in partnership with our stakeholders and industry partners. With BARDA support, our industry collaborators this year have reached milestones of 55 FDA Approvals, Licensures, and Clearances since 2006; 15 diagnostic Emergency Use Authorizations for SARS-CoV-2 product candidates; over 3,800 market research submissions to the BARDA TechWatch/CoronaWatch program and 510 CoronaWatch meetings this year. These market research efforts enabled BARDA to invest over $15 Billion in COVID-19 funding, either directly or through our interagency partnerships.

While COVID-19 may have had the spotlight, important work continued across traditional health security focus areas to prepare for pandemic influenza, CBRN threats, and innovation programs under DRIVe. These programs resulted in over 360 contracting actions and the investment of over $1.95 billion in funding. Eight months after the first case of SARS-CoV-2 was identified in the U.S. we still face many challenges. I am confident that by working together, our interagency partners, stakeholders, industry partners, and our staff we will continue to rise to the occasion and end this pandemic.

On behalf of the more than 280 contracting, program, and subject matter expert professionals who make up BARDA, we thank you. Your partnership and commitment to the mission are helping us save lives and protect Americans.

I look forward to seeing you all virtually at BARDA Industry Day on October 27. Please remember to register so we can discuss together the important work ahead in FY2021.

Thank you for your commitment, service, and dedication.

Gary Disbrow

Acting BARDA Director
Deputy Assistant Secretary

Last Updated: October 05, 2020

COVID-19 Medical Countermeasure Portfolio

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