BARDA and Current Health partner on remote monitoring to predict likelihood of hospitalization and need for ICU-level support in COVID-19 patients

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BARDA is collaborating with Current Health to support healthcare providers in monitoring COVID-19 patients, detecting deterioration in their health and predicting disease severity.

This partnership will leverage Current Health’s FDA-cleared wearable vital-sign monitor and Mayo Clinic’s advancements in the management and treatment of COVID-19 positive patients to develop a digital biomarker-based algorithm that can predict the need for hospitalization and ICU level care.

Current Health's patient monitoring platform combines vital-sign sensors, connectivity to other devices and telemedicine capability that could allow COVID-19 patients to be monitored nonstop by their healthcare providers for risk of patient deterioration. The wearable sensor continuously collects respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, mobility, pulse rate and body temperature data and is able to collect novel COVID-19 biomarker information.

Current Health will leverage the remote monitoring platform to collect biomarker data from COVID-19 patients, which will allow the company to further develop, train and validate the algorithm to detect patient deterioration and predict disease severity and hospital needs to include ICU level care.

By providing early indication of patient deterioration and prediction of infection severity, more patients with COVID-19 can be monitored safely, managed or treated at home.

Development of a new machine learning algorithm coupled with the wearable device will help healthcare providers identify patients at risk for severe outcomes, requiring hospitalization and ICU level care. Employing technology such as the Current Health platform has a focus on providing optimal patient care by allowing healthcare providers to care for lower acuity COVID-19 patients remotely.

BARDA’s support will enable the company to seek FDA Emergency Use Authorization of the algorithms with the ultimate goal of integrating algorithms into clinical practice across the United States and improving patient care.

This award is one component of BARDA’s rapidly expanding COVID-19 medical countermeasure portfolio; visit BARDA’s COVID-19 Portfolio to learn more.

About Current Health:

The following information is provided by the company and does not indicate endorsement by the federal government of the company or its products.

Current Health provides an AI-enabled remote patient management platform to help deliver better, more proactive healthcare. Its FDA-cleared platform continuously monitors certain vital signs and augments this data with medical devices to capture a broad picture of human health and the patient’s symptoms. The technology is designed to help identify those at risk of disease and proactively alert physicians to potential issues, driving earlier intervention and treatment.

Last Updated: October 07, 2020

COVID-19 Medical Countermeasure Portfolio

This award is one component of BARDA's expanding COVID-19 medical countermeasure portfolio; visit BARDA's COVID-19 Portfolio to learn more.