BARDA DRIVe seeking interested applicants for the Early Notification to Act, Control, and Treat (ENACT) program

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On October 22, 2020, BARDA DRIVe reopened its EZ Broad Agency Announcement (EZ-BAA) solicitation for the ENACT program to support the development of novel physiological sensors and machine learning-based technologies that provide early and actionable health information, including for COVID-19.

Under this EZ-BAA Area of Interest, BARDA is seeking applicants with product ideas that prioritize
minimally invasive wearable sensors, equitable access to health information, and app-based information for managing healthcare. Suggested uses include early or pre-symptomatic detection and notification of infection, injury, or trauma. Proposed technologies should address the needs of either individual users and patients, medical care providers, or public health organizations.

About EZ-BAA:
The EZ-BAA was created to provide a streamlined process through which BARDA, and DRIVe specifically, can review and accept applications for development funding for transformative products and technologies to protect the American people from health security threats. The application process is designed to be both business-friendly and easy to follow.

Since its inception, DRIVe’s EZ-BAA solicitation has helped transform BARDA’s contracting process and provide innovators, entrepreneurs, and organizations with a simplified and rapid mechanism to partner with the BARDA, with awards up to $750,000. BARDA has utilized this process to respond rapidly to the current pandemic, including the rapid development of COVID-19 diagnostics. For additional information, see solicitation BAA-20-100-SOL-002 to learn more.

About ENACT:
ENACT aims to provide early and actionable health information for use by individuals/patients, medical care providers, and public health organizations. ENACT has funded various companies and academic labs such as EnLiSense, GE, Rizlab, Stanford, Sound Life Sciences, Evidation, Sonica, 98point6, UCSD, Empatica, Biobeat, and Spirehealth. To learn more, please visit

Contact us: Send us an email at to learn about the program and to set up a time to speak with our ENACT team.

Last Updated: December 02, 2020