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BARDA and Genentech expand partnership to begin Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate investigational treatments for COVID-19 patients

BARDA Response

BARDA and Genentech, part of the Roche Group and headquartered in South San Francisco, are partnering to support the acceleration of a Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate two novel therapeutics for the potential treatment of hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia.

The single, randomized, placebo controlled Phase 2 clinical trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the two investigational drugs, MSTT1041A (anti-ST2) and UTTR1147A (IL-22-Fc) in approximately 300 patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia requiring supplemental oxygen. Both may prevent COVID-19 pneumonia progression to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and/or promote convalescence of patients with ARDS. ST2 is the receptor for IL-33, and inhibition of IL-33 signaling via inhibition of ST2 is predicted to reduce maladaptive hyperinflammatory responses. IL22 is a cytokine that promotes epithelial and endothelial cell repair and may prevent secondary bacterial infections.

Currently there are no approved treatments for ARDS caused by COVID-19 pneumonia. This award is one component of BARDA’s rapidly expanding COVID-19 medical countermeasure portfolio; visit BARDA’s COVID-19 Portfolio to learn more.

About Genentech:

The following information is provided by the company and does not indicate endorsement by the federal government of the company or its products.

Genentech is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious and life-threatening medical conditions. Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, has headquarters in South San Francisco, California. 

Last Updated: June 01, 2020
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