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BARDA partners with MBio Diagnostics to develop an in vitro point-of-care serology test for the detection of human anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies from whole blood samples

BARDA Response

BARDA and MBio Diagnostics are committed to a public-private partnership to develop a test for COVID-19. The MBio COVID-19 Serology Test is a rapid point-of-care serology test being designed to provide results in 5 minutes. This is a multiplexed cartridge-based lateral flow test that looks for anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies from active or past infections and allows on-site screening of people in non-professional settings such as a drive-thru setting or a walk-up testing site. The test also can assist in immunity assessment while broadening testing options.

The rapid point-of-care serology test will use MBio’s LightDeck® platform, and detect IgG (found in the blood and formed after infection) and IgM (formed while the body fights a new infection). The new test will quantify total antibody reactivity to three individual SARS-CoV-2 antigens which could provide critical data to aid in COVID-19 immunity assessment.

This award is one component of BARDA’s rapidly expanding COVID-19 medical countermeasure portfolio; visit BARDA’s COVID-19 Portfolio to learn more.

About MBio Diagnostics: 
The following information is provided by the company and does not indicate endorsement by the federal government of the company or its products.

MBio Diagnostics provides rapid, on-the-spot testing solutions for our global commercial partners. Our portable LightDeck® platform delivers panels of lab quality results in minutes for critical applications in health care, veterinary, and environmental industries. About LightDeck® Technology MBio’s patented LightDeck® technology system translates laboratory assays into on the-spot, critical decisions in minutes. Our LightDeck® platform incorporates low cost, multiplexed cartridges with our fluorescent readers and intuitive software, with the ability to measure more than 50 analytes in a single cartridge. Our partners use LightDeck® technology to test key analytes across many applications for competitive advantages in the areas of quantitative sensitivity, multiplexing, and speed.

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