BARDA and AgileMD partner to deploy electronic health record integrated software tool for rapid and early identification of COVID-19 patients in need of emergency interventions

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BARDA is partnering with AgileMD to further develop and deploy eCART, a software tool that monitors hospitalized COVID-19 patients for early signs of health deterioration. The algorithm is designed to integrate into the electronic health record (EHR) and, in real-time, inform healthcare providers of their patients’ conditions, identifying patients who require mechanical ventilation or interventions to maintain sufficient blood pressure. This tool will continuously assess patient status and alerts medical staff of high-risk cases before the patient’s condition deteriorates.

eCART monitors nearly 100 variables in the patients’ EHRs and performs millions of simultaneous, near-real-time calculations for each patient. The tool draws attention to worrisome patterns within the EHR system before patients require ventilation or hemodynamic support, allowing medical staff to prioritize these patients and intervene quickly if their conditions worsen. This work will support regulatory approval and also has the potential to aid in allocation of resources, such as ventilators and ICU beds, to the most critical cases, thereby improving COVID-19 patient outcomes.

COVID-19 patients have potential for serious or critical outcomes that could lead to significant breathing challenges, cardiac problems, and life-threatening decreases in blood pressure. Healthcare providers need a way to identify such changes in the conditions of their high-risk COVID-19 patients in order to provide the best treatments at the right moment. In this way, eCART has the potential to shorten hospitalization stays, reduce costs from unnecessary treatments, and save patients’ lives. The eCART tool also can streamline medical staff workflows, allowing them to provide greater attention to more patients and treat each individual’s specific medical needs.

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About AgileMD:

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AgileMD develops leading-edge predictive analytics and clinical decision support capabilities that are deeply integrated into hospitals’ electronic health records. AgileMD's cloud-based engine has supported and empowered the medical decisions of more than 40,000 healthcare providers in the care of over 1,000,000 patient encounters from 130 hospitals around the country. AgileMD originated at the University of Chicago and is backed by premier startup incubators MATTER, Y-Combinator, and Rock Health. Visit for more information.

Last Updated: May 05, 2021

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