BARDA seeks abstract submissions for medical countermeasure development through the DRIVe ReDIRECT Program

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On November 10, 2021, BARDA’s Division of Research, Innovation, and Ventures (DRIVe) re-opened the ReDIRECT (Repurposing Drugs In Response to Chemical Threats) area of interest (AOI) under the Easy Broad Agency Announcement (EZ-BAA) solicitation to support development of repurposed therapeutics as medical countermeasures (MCMs) against chemical threats. 
Drug repurposing evaluates new uses, outside of the original clinical indication, for therapeutics that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or that are in late-stage development. Focusing on treating the symptoms associated with exposure to the chemical threat, rather than the agent itself, is a key strategy of the ReDIRECT program’s drug repurposing efforts. Identifying existing, easily accessible drugs for repurposing holds the potential to expand current response capabilities to chemical threats. 
Chemical exposures, whether caused by an intentional or accidental chemical release, can occur without warning, and injury or death often occur shortly after exposure. The rapid availability of effective MCMs against chemical threats is critical in the treatment of their acute health effects following exposures. 
To meet this need, BARDA is seeking additional partners to repurpose existing therapeutics as MCMs against chemical threats (cyanide, opioids, nerve agents, chlorine, sulfur mustard, and others) as part of the ReDIRECT program. This program is a collaborative effort between DRIVe and the Chemical MCM Branch in BARDA’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Division which aims to identify existing, commonly available MCMs that can be used to save lives during a chemical emergency. 
Under this EZ BAA AOI, BARDA will review concise abstract submissions for funding development that repurpose easily accessible therapeutics as MCMs against chemical threats. Since the initial launch of the ReDIRECT program, DRIVe has successfully awarded four contracts (MediciNova, Inc.; FirstString Research; Enalare Therapeutics; and Clarivate, respectively). We are currently looking to partner with additional companies with promising therapeutics or computational approaches to identify candidates for drug repurposing.  
Abstracts may be submitted until 5:00 PM ET on March 31, 2022. For additional information, see solicitation AOI #5: ReDIRECT (Repurposing Drugs in Response to Chemical Threats) in the Special Instructions 016 Issuance of the EZ-BAA (BAA-20-100-SOL-0002), and visit

About the EZ-BAA:

BARDA's Division of Research, Innovation, and Ventures (DRIVe) established the EZ-BAA to streamline the application process for the review of transformative products and technologies to protect the U.S. from health security threats. Since its inception in 2018, BARDA DRIVe's EZ-BAA solicitation has received hundreds of abstract submissions annually, with awards made in as few as 30 days. The EZ-BAA has helped transform the solicitation process and provides innovators, entrepreneurs, and organizations with a simplified and rapid mechanism to propose ideas to the U.S. government. The application process is both business-friendly and easy to follow.

Last Updated: December 03, 2021