BARDA requests input on its vision for new Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle, the next generation in health security acquisitions

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BARDA released a Sources Sought Notice (SSN) to socialize and obtain industry feedback on the organization’s vision for a Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle, the next generation of acquisition partnering in health security. BARDA’s Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle is envisioned as a novel, multi-purpose, partnership model designed to enhance all steps within the medical countermeasure product lifecycle, from early-stage development through advanced development, procurement, sustainment, and commercialization, including manufacturing infrastructure development.

To respond better to future public health challenges and emergencies, developing a more specific and rapid acquisition vehicle is vital. The bold vision of medical countermeasure development expected under the American Pandemic Preparedness Plan (APPP) requires that BARDA rethink and re-design the acquisition approach for medical countermeasures needed for healthcare preparedness and response. Using a Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle could bring speed, flexibility, the right tools, planning, and consistency to the acquisition process, which in turn, would help advance health security and enhance preparedness and response to the next pandemic or other public health emergency.

The program will foster and accelerate the speed of partnership and access to new partners, which will enhance innovation and rigorous development of medical countermeasures and technologies to enhance national health security preparedness and response. The new vehicle will be leveraged to support future BARDA acquisitions under annual appropriations, as well as to implement new programs under the APPP, subject to dedicated appropriations. The Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle is also a key objective outlined in the BARDA Strategic Plan 2022-2027, released in May 2022.

BARDA is leveraging this SSN to identify potential integrating partner(s) to lead two new consortiums: a consortium of medical technology developers and a consortium focused on vaccines and therapeutics. This two-model approach is designed to enable targeted product development expertise and to ensure that during an emergency response, sufficient resources are available to meet the bold timelines set forth in the APPP and utilize product area resources in a more equal manner.

BARDA is seeking market research feedback on a potential integrating partner(s) capable of assembling, overseeing, and coordinating a portfolio of medical countermeasure product developers, manufacturing partners, and third-party providers. These partners will accelerate product and technology development, regulatory approval, commercialization, and sustainment of medical countermeasures to address influenza, emerging infectious diseases, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats. The program envisions three unique functional pillars:

  1. Preparedness & Response Network: Enables speed of response for preparedness to ensure products are tested and familiar to staff and partners. Includes rapid research and development (R&D) with built-in demo procurement awards to medical countermeasure partners and pre-establishes the ability to add and remove members, pivot to the threat, and fund R&D and demo procurement.
  2. Medical Countermeasure Capital: Enables domestic manufacturing capability and capacity expansion prior to a pandemic or public health emergency and during a response with common commercial financing structure. The partner helps BARDA’s funds go further by using a Lending Partnership model, ensuring partners have capital invested, a commercial bank is involved, and that medical countermeasure capital is vetted feasibly.
  3. Development, Evaluation and Testing Exchange (DETx): Enables BARDA to set priorities, leverage an external partner to vet late-stage technologies, make award, and perform Testing and Evaluation (T&E). The partner provides wraparound technical and financial services, teaming opportunities and funding to support innovation, product development, formulation, and optimization.

These three pillars, under a single integrator, will form a comprehensive partnership and create linkages between innovators, product developers, and funders.

This SSN is not a solicitation, nor does the notice commit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to issuing a solicitation, make any award, or pay any costs associated with responding to this notice. Rather, the SSN is being released to obtain availabilities, capabilities, and other pertinent marketplace data to strengthen BARDA’s understanding of organizations’ current and future capabilities to address the requirement.

Do you want to inform and shape the future of acquisition partnering at BARDA? Review the Sources Sought Notice: BARDA Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle available on and submit your responses, suggestions, and feedback by 5:00 P.M. ET on September 23, 2022.

Last Updated: August 30, 2022